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Biz Tasks – FREE
These templates can be used to keep your checklists and workflows organized. When you are more organized you can be more efficient, and when you are more efficient you can be more profitable! If you prefer a paper copy, the pdf files can be used to print your checklists and fill in by hand. The spreadsheet files can be used to make changes before printing, or to go paperless with your checklists and workflows by filling them out in the spreadsheet. Any spreadsheet program may be used with the Biz Tasks template.

Basic Actions – FREE
Blog Resizing (800px), Web Resizing (500px), Oomph (a levels adjustment for a bit of “pop”), Boost (a curves adjustment for a bit of “pop”), Tennille’s Moody BW (all layers left to adjust based on lighting and exposure of image), Tennille’s BW (just a basic BW) **The two BW actions need Oomph and Boost as part of their action. For the resize actions, I took off the text to my website (my watermark), so these are basically just a resize action that does some web sharpening (you’ll need to add your watermark). The Blog version is what I post on my blog, and the web is what I give to clients when they purchase or earn them.

Biz Books – $75
Biz Books is simple data entry! The template does the calculating for you…and even creates a variety of reports and graphs to make things easy on you! Biz Books was created with income taxes in mind, providing an easy workflow for taking your data to your Schedule C. Now you can easily track your income, expenses, and profits!



All sales are final. If you have any questions, please ask before purchasing. The file will be emailed to you.

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About My Business Background
My college degree focused on Public Relations and Marketing. In addition to my educational background, I have held a job since the age of 12. I’ve always had a love for business management. When I worked in the hotel industry,I focused quite a bit on revenue management – finding ways to be the most profitable. When I worked in the recruiting industry, the job was a 100% commission based position that involved finding clients in our target market, networking, and nurturing relationships. I’ve done my own taxes – personal & business – since I was 18 years old. And although some of you may think it’s weird, I love math/numbers/accounting – it relaxes me!