About Tennille


I’ve had a love for photography since elementary school, but high school is when I really learned the technique. I fell in love with black and white film photography – everything from the quiet time in the darkroom, to developing film and making prints. After graduating from Miami University, I made the switch to digital photography and it opened up so many more options for creativity in photography.

Let’s see…other than that, I am married to the most amazing man in the world and blessed with two daughters that melt my heart (even when they are driving me crazy!). I hate to brag, but I also have the best family ever, and some pretty awesome girlfriends.

After growing up in Canton, Ohio, I graduated from Miami University, and still love heading back to campus a few times each year.



I like images that show who people really are…an unexpected reaction, sweet innocence, and down right ornery little ones! Some of my favorite pictures are pouting and crying faces. I also believe you can see a glimpse of a person’s soul by looking into their eyes, and I try to catch that in photographs.

I often struggle when asked to describe my style of photography. I feel stuffy using the term custom portraiture, and I feel unplanned using the term photojournalism. Because the fact is, I’m far from stuffy, yet I demand the excellent quality associated with upscale, custom portraiture. And I shoot with a purpose, yet I’m ready to capture the moment like a photojournalist.

So to sum it up, I would say this:
I offer an artistic perspective that captures natural expressions and true personalities. My style combines the patience and quality of custom portraiture with the spontaneity and emotion of photojournalism.

I want the best of both worlds, so that is what I’ll give you. I provide personalized customer service and high quality photographs while maintaining a very fun, casual approach. From start to end, it’s my goal to keep the experience enjoyable! You’ll see right away that I’m very relaxed and easy going. I love to laugh and have fun.